May China Western Region Scientific & Technological Innovation Harbour create miracles in Shaanxi’s land of wonder.
Vice Premier: Liu Yandong

Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbour (abbr. iHarbour)–Wisdom Uni-Town, is the national project by Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Government. It is a new and important platform established by Shaanxi Government and Xi’an Jiaotong University (abbr. XJTU) to carry out the innovation-driven,“the Belt and Road Initiative” and Western China Development strategy. With broader international vision and development efforts in XJTU can accelerate the establishment of “Double Top” universities, in the 21st century to explore new forms of university discipline, construction and new mode of personnel training.

The land mass will encompass about 2.92 square kilometers, to integrate four functions which include scientific research, education, incubation and comprehensive service to institute natural science, engineering science, medical science and social science as the four main faculties in 23 institutes. The innovation theme of “Campus, Park and Community”, is a combination of techniques and service - a fusion of technology and industry.


Undertaking the National Mission
Global Science & Education Highland
Engine to Serve Shaanxi’s Economic Development
Innovation Driven Platform
Demonstration of Wisdom Uni-Town

Our history

XJTU have been to Xixian New Area for field trips, they have put forward the proposal to build “China Western Region Scientific & Technological Innovation Harbour” that partnering with Xixian New Area.
XJTU and Dragon Gate Investment Partners have signed “Strategic Partnership Agreement of iHarbour”
XJTU and Xixian New Area Committee have formally singed the Entry Agreement of “China Western Region Scientific & Technological Innovation Harbour”.
XJTU has started to establish the “University Alliance of the Silk Road” based in iHarbour.
Xixian New Area Jiaoda Scientific & Technological Innovation Harbour Development Ltd have hold the launch ceremony.
The iHarbour construction meeting have been hold in Fengxi New City, Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee at the time - Zhao Zhengyong, attended.
Minister of Education Yuan Guiren and Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Lou Qinjian have formally signed the agreement of “Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province Government will joint construction of iHarbour”.

Water Wild on City

Green ecological space build the city skeleton,
urban construction into the concept of sponge city

Green Transportation

Path planning: tranquility, low carbon, density & narrow roads

One Axis & Four Corridors

The core area to form a green city energy axis from east to west, four central pergolas throughout north and south

Four Sections

Education Section

12,000 Master Students

2,000 International Students

6,000 PhD Students

50,000 High-quality talents

Scientific Research Section
Engineering Science
Natural Science
Medical Science
Social Science
Incubator Section

Pilot Plant

Joint Lab

Intermediary Service Building

Headquarters Building

Comprehensive Service Section

Systematic Education

Commercial Center


Recreation Facility


Leadership of the “Double Top”
Utilizing the “Double Top” Universities as the main theme and the iHarbour’s concept at the heart and soul of this project, we aim to create a world-class university. The goal is to develop into a powerhouse of teaching and scientific research, to bring first class staff, to foster creative talents and demonstrating a culture for excellent innovation by elevating XJTU to a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.
Demonstration of Urbanization
In tandem with the “Thirteenth Five-Years Plan”, the birth of the Wisdom Uni-Town as a new economic town, exhibiting sophisticated and exquisite architecture and city planning, would make for an excellent demonstration of the new style of urbanization centers in China.
Shaping a New Brand
IHarbour is poised to gradually spreading influence throughout the province and Western China as well as the “Belt and Road” regions. IHarbour will incorporate the “one core with multiple sub-cores, harbour and wharf”. This is the materialization of the ideals of XJTU and the creation of a novel enterprising resource, by transforming Shaanxi from a resources-based output to a whole new different line of exports comprising of brands, services and capital. This is the “Two Fundamental Transformations”.

Construction Funds

¥15  billion

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Construction Funds
Total investment: 15 billion RMB


Building Area: 600,000 ㎡
Construction investment of about 3.5billion


Building Area:700,000 million ㎡
Construction investment of about 2.5 billion RMB


Building Area:500,000 ㎡
Construction investment of about 3.5 billion RMB


Building Area:1,700,000 ㎡
Construction investment of about 5.5 billion RMB

College to honor 120th anniversary

One of China's top academic institutions, Xi'an Jiaotong University in Shaanxi province will celebrate, on Friday, the 120th anniversary of its establishment and the 60th anniversary of its relocation. Since its foundation in 1896 in Shanghai as Nanyang College, one of the earliest universities in modern China, Xi'an Jiaotong University has cultivated innovative talents using global education concepts and cooperating with colleges and universities around the world.

Xi'an Jiaoda builds a global campus

Chinese institute has cooperated with more than 200 universities in over 60 countries and regions, Lu Hongyan and Ma Lie report. Xi'an Jiaotong University said its education system is rooted in internationalization and aims to "serve the country and build a global, first-class university". Xi'an Jiaoda, as it is colloquially known, aims to broaden its students' international perspectives, conduct research on global issues and expand cooperation.

University alliance garnering intl attention

Xi'an Jiaotong University launched the University Alliance of the Silk Road, or UASR, last May to boost academic cooperation and explore a new mode of regional development. A total of 125 universities from 30 countries and regions have joined the alliance, with 10 other institutes having sent their applications. The embassies of Britain, Egypt and Iran in China, as well as the Australia Group of Eight, an alliance of its universities, have also been in discussion with the university, colloquially known as Xi'an Jiaoda, to spur cooperation.